"Katal Yoga inspires body, mind, and soul by serving all fitness, income, and interest levels through physically challenging and soul stimulating yoga adventures.”

Yoga began over 5,000 years ago in India as a practice passed from teacher to student over uninterrupted devotion. Today, yoga is much more obtainable for those looking to expand their health and wellness, explore other fitness routines, and strengthen their body and mind. Katal Yoga seeks to challenge and stimulate every student with a fun, curious practice. We meet every student where they are on the mat to best serve all fitness needs.

Our yoga classes and services provide each student a deeper understanding of yoga, the why and how of the practice. We want every student to feel energized, revitalized, and ready for more.

We provide a range of yoga classes and services including private sessions, yoga parties, and health and wellness coaching. Find your yoga adventure with us!

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